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Pure Peace and True Tranquility is Only a Float Away

Come Float With Us offers peace of mind and effective meditative relaxation through sensory deprivation tanks and float rooms. Floating is a way to pause the hectic, saturated world and step into a state of pure bliss where you experience nothingness, a chance to recharge, rest, and thrive.

If you are looking for something, anything, to allow you to let go, relax, and simply get out of the chatter box in your mind, then come and float with us today. Float tanks create an experience to allow you to relax into your true authentic self, allowing your body and mind to reset. The Samadhi tank has 10 inches of water combined with 800 lbs of epsom salt water giving your body a wonderful detox while also replenishing your system with magnesium, a valuable mineral deficient in most humans.

In this zero gravity environment, the benefits are endless. Whether you are stressed, depressed, anxious, have aches and pains in your body, desire to detox, or just want a quiet safe place to breath, the tank is the answer. The tank doesn’t change, you change. Find out what pure peace and tranquility truly is right now.

Beautifully located in the City of Good Living in San Carlos, CA, Let this be a wonderful coupling, a new beginning or a nice addition to your own personal good living.